"Paradise Fruits" is a family run concern, that was formed in 1985 by Mushtaq Ahmed of Dundee.

"Paradise Fruits" supplies fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices and general catering supplies to restaurants, hotels, shops and the retail trade in general.Working alongside Mushtaq
is his wife Shameem and when
college or school work allows,
his son Shehbaz and his two daughters, Munaza and Shamyala.

"Paradise Fruits" delivers all over the East Coast of Scotland and is happy to take email orders from the Trade.

To Order
contact Mushtaq by email

01382 832356
01382 884610



Paradise Fruits first began in 1985 as a local fruit shop. Selling none other than your everyday fruits such as apples, bananas, grapes, peaches, mangos, strawberries, cherry tomatoes etc. and a few other vegetables.

As well as customers coming along to Paradise Fruits, the shop owner Mushtaq would take his time to deliver customer's their goods to their homes.

As this proceeded every working day, Paradise Fruits expanded as a business and Mushtaq decided to relocate the growing fruit shop to 346 Strathmore Avenue. A much larger and convenient warehouse.

Since that day forward, restaurants, takeaways and other areas of business related to food service began to shop at Paradise Fruits.

As Mushtaq began to convey goods to restaurants and takeaways etc. the variety of stock has increased, now selling food containers, milk, detergents, also kitchen accessories such as sponges, pans, brillo pads, disposable cutlery, disposable plates.

As well as bottled water, flour, rice, sweets, crisps, grease proof paper, bottles and cans of soft drinks, oil, a large variety of spices, chillies and pickles etc.

Therefore the business has amplified much more thus creating more sales and customers.

Paradise Fruits also sells frozen foods from poultry to prawns which are incidentally halal amongst all of our quality produce.

Paradise fruits is now considered as a miniature cash and carry instead of a fruit shop.